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4.5" Funnel

This funnel is made of durable, food-grade plastic. The smooth inner surface makes it easy to clean and sanitize. And the slender stem fits easily into carboys, gallon jugs, and other small openings. This plastic funnel does not come with a straining...
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Airlock Brush

Small nylon brush for cleaning hard to reach places in an airlock or other small spaces.  5/8" diameter, 2.5 inches long slightly rounded brush and 5" handle. 
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Black Sharpie China Marker

Versatile grease pen, great for writing on china, glass, metal or plastic. Marks on many porous and non-porous surfaces No sharpening required: just peel the tear-string to reveal more marker Fade and water resistant
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Stainless Steel Dipper 32 Ounce

This 32 oz. stainless steel dipper is perfect for ladling sauces, soups, stocks, and more from large stock pots into smaller portions! Made of stainless steel, this ladle is extremely easy to clean and will ease the strain on your wrists when preparing...