Tips to kick off home brewing in 2020 !

Moving into 2020 gives us all a great chance to dust off that brewing kit sitting in storage. Additionally we can look to new skills to pick up and challenges to accomplish over the course of the year! Before you start with your first batch, make sure you are taking advantage of every resource available to you to make your first brew day successful.

3 Places to Start

  1. Your Local Homebrew Store (LHBS)

Homebrew stores are great places to ask questions and get a feel for your local homebrew scene. Additionally, owners can clue you in on great styles to start with and may even have beginner recipes of their own. This also gives you a chance to refresh any expired or stale ingredients you may have from old brew kits.

  1. Attend a Class

Your LHBS likely hosts classes where you will work with an expert to brew your first batch. Classes can be a great way to learn the basics of brewing, avoid common pitfalls, and ask any questions that come up during the brewing process. Additionally you can learn what practices can develop over time, giving you a roadmap as you grow as a brewer.

  1. Join a Homebrew Club

Homebrew clubs exist on the regional and national scale, with social media playing a huge role in many of them. Most are free to join, but some with physical locations may have a fee to join or membership levels. A great place to start is with a free club with social media presence as it is a great place to ask questions, test recipes, and diagnose problems if they arise. Chances are that if you run into an issue, someone has had to work around it in the past.

Any of the mentioned routes can transform your brew day from a disastrous experience to a delightful endeavor, so get out there and start brewing!