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Anvil High Precision Digital Scale

This scale is great for measuring just about anything.  We use it for brewing, coffee roasting and brewing, photographic chemicals just about anything that requires accurate measurements in ounces or grams.  It's affordable and does just as...
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Anvil Large Scale

Anvil Brewing Equipment high capacity digital grain scale handles up to 65lb with 0.02lb accuracy! The huge 12.5” X 11.75” stainless steel weighing surface is big enough to support about any size bucket or container. The remote scale allows...
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ATC Refractometer

This ATC  hand held refractometers is suited for light industrial use within small to medium sized breweries or other businesses handling fruit, beverages, confectionery, jam and other sugar based products as well as for calculating concentration or...
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Beer Recipe Calculator

This beer recipe calculator is capable of doing numerous brewing conversions on the fly! It is made with a heavy and durable paper, is coated for water-resistance, and is able to crunch tall gravity conversions in a single slide! Other features include a...
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StirStarters 2L Stir Plate w/Stir Bar

$44.99 On Sale
Our favortie stir plate made by hand in Michigan by a fellow homebrew enthusiast.  The plate comes with a Lifetime warranty just return it  for any reaseon to Dan "the maker" and he will fix or replace it.   What's Inside? This unit has...