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Pursuit C-41 Film Development Kit 2 L

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Our very own C-41 development kit this one is makes 2 liters of chemistry.  This kit gives you all the chemicals needed to develop your own color negative film or select BW films that use the C-41 process like Ilford XP2. The chemicals are in an easy to mix powder form and shelf stable. Try your hand at color development and just make sure you use a good thermometer! The kit contains a developer, stabilizer and a two part bleach along with comprehensive directions. It makes  2 liter of chemicals good for about 16 rolls of 35mm film but some people have been getting about 30 rolls developed. Try it out today! 

Any film labeled C-41 should be able to be developed with this kit along with any film that you want to "cross process".  That's when you take slide (E-6) film and develop in C-41 to get weird colors.

 Kit Contains:

  • Instructions
  • Blix A 322 g
  • Blix B 164 g 
  • Stabilizer 9.98 g
  • Developer 132.6 g
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