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Pursuit C-41 Film Development Kit 1 L


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Our very own C-41 development kit.  This kit gives you all the chemicals needed to develop your own color negative film or select BW films that use the C-41 process like Ilford XP2. The chemicals are in an easy to mix powder form and shelf stable. Try your hand at color development and just make sure you use a good thermometer! The kit contains a developer, stabilizer and a two part bleach along with comprehensive directions. It makes  1 liter of chemicals good for about  8 rolls of 35mm film but some people have been getting about 15 rolls developed. Try it out today! 

Any film labeled C-41 should be able to be developed with this kit along with any film that you want to "cross process".  That's when you take slide (E-6) film and develop in C-41 to get weird colors.

 Kit Contains:

  • Instructions
  • Blix A 161 g
  • Blix B 82 g 
  • Stabilizer 4.99 g
  • Developer 66.3 g

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Great kit for people new to film processing& cost effective manner
Written by Rahul on Jul 6th 2019

The instruction leaflet given inside the package are pretty straight forward and easy to understand. Just have to be careful about temperature and time. Also for the longevity of the chemicals I would recommend that the chemicals are mixed with demonized/distilled water. Also store it refrigerated in a dark containers with air removed so that it can last quite well for max of 6 months(provided that the no of film rolls that can be used don't go above a certain limit).