Darkroom Supplies

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We carry the chemicals you need to process film and make prints in your darkroom.  We carry tanks, trays, tongs, and other accessories and can get anything else that you need.

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4.5" Funnel

This funnel is made of durable, food-grade plastic. The smooth inner surface makes it easy to clean and sanitize. And the slender stem fits easily into carboys, gallon jugs, and other small openings. This plastic funnel does not come with a straining...
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Anvil High Precision Digital Scale

This scale is great for measuring just about anything.  We use it for brewing, coffee roasting and brewing, photographic chemicals just about anything that requires accurate measurements in ounces or grams.  It's affordable and does just as...
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DLC Changing Bag 27" x 30"

Nice large changing back that leaves plenty of room for tanks and reels. Use whenever you need a complete darkroom and none is available.Remove film from cameras, load bulk film into bulk film loaders, or load sheet film into cut-film holders. High...
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Hufa Lens Wipes 50 ct

Individually packaged moist wipes to clean off your lenses and screens.  Great at removing smuges and fingerprints. Non Abrasive Lint Free No residue left behind Safe with multi-layered coatings
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Ilford Antistaticum Cloth Orange

ILFORD Antistatic cloths are designed to eliminate dust and static from photographic materials and equipment such as cameras, lenses, enlargers, negatives, glass carriers etc. They are also useful for many other surfaces such as compact discs,...
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Ilford Multigrade Filter 6x6 set/12

For printing ILFORD MULTIGRADE range of papers on unconverted black-and-white enlargers, ILFORD have produced complete sets of 12 numbered filters for all contrast grades in half grade steps. MULTIGRADE filters are 6 inch square sizes...