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We're the source for analog photography from black & white to instant. We carry vintage Polaroids and new Fuji Instax and Lomography cameras. We have film and darkroom supplies as well. We carry Ilford, Kodak and Agfa films in 35mm and 120mm.

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4.5" Funnel

This funnel is made of durable, food-grade plastic. The smooth inner surface makes it easy to clean and sanitize. And the slender stem fits easily into carboys, gallon jugs, and other small openings. This plastic funnel does not come with a straining...
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Anvil High Precision Digital Scale

This scale is great for measuring just about anything.  We use it for brewing, coffee roasting and brewing, photographic chemicals just about anything that requires accurate measurements in ounces or grams.  It's affordable and does just as...
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Argus 3D Stereo Camera 35mm

Argus 35mm 3D Stereo Camera. This Pan Focus F = 28mm Camera is in great condition and will move you from the two D world to the 3D world !!!          - Vintage;used       - light wear/ very clean ...
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Bergger Pancro400 120

1 120 mm roll of BERGGER Pancro 400 is a photographic black and white, high speed, and fine grain film. Exposed at ISO 400, it delivers premium quality pictures.  BERGGER Pancro 400 is a two emulsion film, composed...
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Calumet padded envelope bag 9x11

Calumet padded envelope bag 9x11, This padded envelope bag from one of photography's well known suppliers is perfect for tablets, accessories and or photographic plates. In good condition no rips, snags or stains. Please examine photos closely as item is...