Omega Yeast Belgian Ale Yeast A (OYL-024)

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Omega Yeast is a great local yeast company a few blocks from our shop. The yeast is in high demand and not always in stock. We get the yeast fresh from them every few days based on demand. Please place an order and if we don't have it in stock we can usually get it and ship the next day for orders placed before 4pm CST.  If it will take longer than a day we will let you know.

As one of the few highly flocculent Belgian ale strains, Belgian Ale A is thought to originate from a Wallonian brewery whose reputation dwarfs the small village in which it is located. It makes a great Belgian house strain. It is brewery friendly, crops easily and has a well-rounded flavor pro with balanced fruitiness and phenolics. Esters increase with upward temperatures.

Flocculation: High 
Attenuation: 72-85%
Temperature Range: 65-78℉
Alcohol Tolerance: 12 %
Compares to: Wyeast WY3522 / White Labs WLP550