Ilford Simplicity Film Kit

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ILFORD SIMPLICITY film sachets provide a complete set of processing solutions specifically aimed at spiral tank processing. When diluted each sachet will make up 600ml* of working strength solution, ideal for spiral tanks made by Paterson and other manufacturers.

ILFORD SIMPLICITY Starter Pack of photo chemical sachets for convenient, single-use film processing. Develops 2 x 35mm (135) film or 1 roll of 120 film in a 2-reel developing tank.

  • Contains: film developer, stop bath, fixer and wetting agent
  • Convenient, single-use sachets
  • Develops 2 x 35mm or 1 x 120 film
  • Designed for use in 2-reel, 600ml developing tanks



*Except for the wetting agent, each of the sachets are diluted to make a solution volume of 600ml. For the wetting agent, two capfuls are used per 600ml - added direct to the water in the processing tank.