Film Developing

We're proud to offer film developing services to our analog film lovers.  We can develop color C-41 film, E-6, and black & white film.  Color film is done by a machine with the Dip and Dunk Process, while Black & White development is done by hand with a tank and reel in Ilford ID-11. Turn around is usually 2 to 3 weeks.  We will always call or email you to let you know your film is ready. We also do charge for blank rolls because, it is the same amount of work to process a blank roll.  

Photo Development Price List
C-41 (Color Negative) Film Development    B&W Film Development
  35mm Development $8.99   35mm Development $10.99
  120 Development $7.99   120 Development $11.99
  Push/Pull 1 or 2 stops $5.50   Push/Pull $5.50
Film Scanning    E-6 Film Development
  35 Roll Scan $7.09   35mm Development $8.99
Standard Scans are JPEG @ 3024x2005 PPI w/Scratch & Dust Removal TIFF on Request for $6 more   120 Development $7.99
  High Res Scans JPEG @ 6048x4011 PPI , TIFF on Request $18.00      
  120 Scan@ Develop $13.99  
  120 Scan RUSH Charge ADD $10
120 Scans are 1666 or 1333 PPI Depending on Format JPEG File w/Scratch & Dust Removal. TIFF on request  
  120 Scan 4000PPI w/Scratch & Dust Removal. TIFF on request $39.99 * ADD $1 for all scans if not at time we develop