Film Developing



We're proud to offer film developing services to our analog film lovers.  We can develop color C-41 film, E-6, and black & white film.  Color film is done by a machine with the Dip and Dunk Process, while Black & White development is done by hand with a tank and reel in Ilford ID-11. Turn around is usually 1 to 2 week but it can take longer.  We will always call or email you to let you know your film is ready. Please don't expect film to be back exactly at 1 week.  We also do charge for blank rolls because, it is the same amount of work to process a blank roll.  

Photo Development Price List
C-41 (Color Negative) Film Development    B&W Film Development
  35mm Development $8.99   35mm Development $10.99
  120 Development $7.99   120 Development $11.99
  Push/Pull 1 or 2 stops $5.50   Push/Pull $5.50
Film Scanning    E-6 Film Development
  35 Roll Scan $7.09   35mm Development $8.99
Standard Scans are JPEG @ 3024x2005 PPI w/Scratch & Dust Removal TIFF on Request for $3 more   120 Development $7.99
  High Res Scans JPEG @ 6048x4011 PPI , TIFF on Request $14.99   35mm Development $12.99
  120 Scan@ Develop $13.99  
  120 Scan RUSH Charge ADD $10
120 Scans are 1666 or 1333 PPI Depending on Format JPEG File w/Scratch & Dust Removal. TIFF on request  
  120 Scan 4000PPI w/Scratch & Dust Removal. TIFF on request $39.99 * ADD $1 for all scans if not at time we develop