The Pursuit Supply Company offers classes for your DIY life. Please see the list below to see what we offer. Also, if you have a class idea or want to teach let us know and maybe we can make it happen.  All classes are about 1-2 hours in duration except for beer brewing that can go to 3 plus hours. We are a small shop and employ a conversational teaching style.  No note taking necessary! All classes are informal and relaxed.

  • Beer brewing
  • Wine making
  • Film development
  • Street Photography
  • Ambient Light Photography
  • Coffee roasting
  • Composting

Our class signups are all on our Dabble page.  If you would like more information please contact us at 312.985.6652 or  You may also subscribe to our newsletter to learn of upcoming classes.


Currently we have the following classes scheduled.


Intro to Solargraphy

Fee: 5 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019  7pm-9pm

Want to make a camera out of beer can?! Pursuit Supply is having our first Solarography Class Taught by Darian Martynuik! Solargraphy is the art of long exposure photography that captures the image of the sun moving across the sky.

In this class we will be going through the process of creating a pinhole camera using a beer can and how to capture the best exposure (There will be a 5$ material fee).


No signup needed!


Intro to Beer Brewing

Fee: $35 

Sunday, September 8  11am-2pm

Sunday, October, 20    11am-2pm

Sunday, November 24  11-am-2pm

Our intro to beer brewing class is taught by Rhys Goulbourn, who has been a dedicated homebrewer for the last few years brewing hundreds of gallons. He is friendly attentive and passionate about the brew process.

This introduction to homebrewing class is a hands on experience focused on providing you with the essential information needed to get started with homebrewing. We will provide all of the essentials to learn how to brew high quality beer. During this class we will be talking about the various steps to brew beer, talk a little bit about the history of beer, and most importantly we will brew beer. Come thirsty and curious!  

Sign up here!