Chapman ThermoBarrel Mash Tun 10 Gallon

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The ThermoBarrel is a fully insulated, stainless steel mash tun which will bring your brewing game to the next level. For decades brewers have been limited to modified plastic coolers as mash tuns. For those brewers looking for an alternative, there's finally an option. Stainless steel is easy to sanitize and clean along with looking great.  The foam insulation design gives the tun heat retention comparable or better than most plastic coolers after stabilization. It's long-lasting, it prevents any leaching of plastics, and it's easier to clean. 


  • Insulated Stainless Steel Mash Tun
  • Recirculation port and thermometer port
  • Ports 1/2" NPT compatible
  • *Cannot be directly heated from an external source