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3/8" Combination Bottle Filler

Can be used with or without a spring, which makes it both a gravity filler and a spring bottle filler. Guaranteed not to leak. The main body can be unassembled from the acrylic tube for cleaning and is long enough to fit most bottles. 3/8" diameter
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Blue Plastic Spigot

For use with 6.5 and 7.9 gallon bottling buckets. Fits a 1" drilled hole, comes with a thick gasket & will accommodate ½" siphon hose. Features a locking handle to allow user hands-free operation.
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FastRack Wine Tray

Tray that holds FastRack wine rack. Place FastRack wine rack with bottles into tray to catch sanitizer solution and water. (Rack sold separately). Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 5
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Ferrari Bottle Brush

A beer bottle brush with white bristles approx 8" long and 2.75" wide.  The brush features a grey plastic handle with hook at the end of the brush.  The brush is approx 18.5" in total length   Made in Italy
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The Whip Wine Degasser

The Whip .. save time and effort de-gassing! If your wine kit instructions call for periodic, vigorous stirring to de-gas your wine, The Whip can save a lot of effort. Using a standard 3/8" variable-speed drill, you can de-gas your wine in...