Brewjacket Immersion Pro w/ Carboy Bucket Insulated Jacket, Heat & Cool

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Immersion allows you to create world class ales and lagers without a refrigerator.

Complete fermentation temperature control system brings your fermenting beer down as low as 35º F (20º C) below the ambient temperature in your house.  This unit can both heat and cool your beer at a rate of about 1 degree an hour.


– Immersion Cooling-Only Unit with C/F temperature selection
– Your choice of jacket, either Carboy / Bucket or Conical
– Drilled Stopper
– Bulkhead connector and one-way co2 release valve
– Universal Power Supply: 100v-240v, 50/60hz with cord for your country of choice
– Fermenter sold separately

– Rod: 1.5″ Diameter * 18″ Long
– Temperature Probe: 18″
– Fan Noise: 45db
– Better Bottle and Big Mouth Bubbler Blowoff: sleeved gasket with one-way valve
– Sanitation: Iodophor
– Cleaning: Soap & water
– Power Consumption: 95w
– Weight: 6lbs
– Warranty Period: 1 Year