Brewcraft Recipe Kit: Dry Hopped West Coast IPA Ingredient Kit 5 gal

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This IPA has a LOT of hops- not just a higher level of bitterness than a standard pale ale, but much more hop flavor and aroma due to multiple hop additions in this beer including the advanced procedure of “dry-hopping”. Grapefruit/citrus along with slight tropical fruit and pine aromatics will make your mouth water well before you take your first sip.

Thanks to the persistence of West Coast brewers using more and more hops in their beers, craft beer drinkers have adapted their tastes to appreciate and demand hops at higher levels than ever before in the history of beer. This now-classic American style of beer is famous throughout the world, and the “flagship” style for many brew pubs and breweries.

With this brew kit, try your own take on this hoppy brew or keep it classic. 

OG: 1.069 / FG: 1.014

IBU’s: 90

ABV: 7.3%