Classes Are Coming! Classes Are Coming!

The Pursuit Supply Co. is hosting our first class taught by the amazing Kelli Wefenstette. The class will guide you through setting up your own composting bin. More info below on Vermi-Composting for Apartment Dwellers. 

Class Info

Minimize your ecological footprint and reduce household waste by letting worms eat your garbage! Red wigglers consume their weight in fruit and veggie scraps every day and can double their population in as little as three months.

In this class, Dabblers will construct their own urban worm bins specifically geared for apartment and condo dwellers. Students will leave with a basic understanding of vermi-composting, why worms are "vegetarian," and how to implement a household composting system without leaving the city.

What to bring

Gloves, if desired, and clothes that can get dirty, BYOB

What will be provided

10-gallon plastic tote with lid, soil, Red Wigglers

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