BestMalz Dark Munich Malt (8.4L to 13.4L)

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BEST Munich Dark creates intensive, full-flavored beers with a distinctly malty body and a luminous, dark color. The special malting process results in a high degree of solubility without losing the positive sensory qualities of the malt. Used in a high concentration in the grain bill this enzyme-rich malt can also be processed without problem and without any loss of quality, usually by reducing mashing at lower temperatures. BEST Munich Dark complies with the purity guidelines of the German Reinheitsgebot.
Maltier than the regular Munich, the Dark contributes more reddish/amber hues. Used in the production of dark, aromatic and full-bodied lager styles. Can be used 100% of the grist.
For all darker beer styles like Alt, brown ale, dark ale, dark wheat, stout, dark lager, amber and bock beer.
Country of Origin: Germany
Lovibond: 8.4 - 13.7 
Flavor: Typical malty taste, fresh slices of bread
Raw Material: Spring barley
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