Bestmalz Acidulated Malt

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Acidulated malt is used to reduce wort-pH which results in a better mash, intensified fermentation, lighter beer color, improved flavor stability and a more well-rounded flavor.  Used especially in Pilsners, Weizens or other light colored beers.  Acidulated malt is perfect for adjusting the pH level in mash or wort.  As a general guideline, if 1% of your mash bill consists of Acidulated Malt, pH will be reduced by 0.1.

Acidulated Malt is produced by using lactic acid, which is generated by the naturally occurring lactic bacteria on grain.  This malt is also a wonderful addition for beer styles with a typical “sourish” character, such as a Berliner Weisse.  Use 8-10% of Acidulated Malt to reach this level of sourness.

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