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All the equipment need to brew a great beer. Mash-tuns kettles, fermenters and more.  

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Siphon hose shut off clamp
Adjusts rate of flow with great precision
Very convenient
5/16" or 3/8" tubing

Siphon Hose Shut-Off Clamp

This 1/2 Inch Siphon Hose Shut Off Clamp has a controlled ratchet that will adjust the rate of flow through a vinyl hose with great precision or stops the flow altogether. Adjustment can all be done with one hand. Very convenient. Siphon hose shut off...
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Stainless Steel Dipper 32 Ounce

This 32 oz. stainless steel dipper is perfect for ladling sauces, soups, stocks, and more from large stock pots into smaller portions! Made of stainless steel, this ladle is extremely easy to clean and will ease the strain on your wrists when preparing...
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Still Spirits Air Still Water Distiller

FREE SHIPPING CONTINENTAL USA ONLY!!!! The Air Still is the fast and simple way to make your favorite spirits and liquors at a fraction of the cost. Finally...a still to take its place amongst everyday kitchen appliances! It looks like a kettle, works...