3 Gallon Carboy

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A 3 Gallon Glass Carboy with a 30 mm neck width, wide body, and ribbed sides. It is commonly used in the primary fermentation of wine and beer, though it can also sometimes be used for secondary fermentation as well. Glass carboys are often used during the fermentation process for homemade brewed beer, wine ales, hard cider, and mead.  The 3 gallon size is useful for splitting up larger batches. 

Caps sold separately.  Takes #7 stopper or universal carboy bung.


Key benefits:

  • Made of durable, thick glass
  • Can be reused and is great for long-term use
  • Does not permeate oxygen from its walls (little to no oxidation during storage)
  • Easy to clean and maintain for sanitation purposes
  • Less likely to stain than plastic carboys
  • Does not hold odors that affect taste
  • Allows you to clearly watch fermentation process
  • Does not scratch during normal cleaning