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Tips to kick off home brewing in 2020 !

Moving into 2020 gives us all a great chance to dust off that brewing kit sitting in storage. Additionally we can look to new skills to pick up and challenges to accomplish over the course of the year! Before you start with your first batch, make sure you are taking advantage of every resource available to you to make your first brew day successful.3 Places to Start Your Local Homebrew Store (LHB…

Holiday Brew Ideas

As the holidays grow near, you may begin to recognize some familiar brews on the shelves. Everything from Fistmas to Dogfish Head’s Penn Tuxedo, this time of year allows brewers unleash their creativity and curiosity by experimenting with spices, fruit, and vegitative matter (like spruce tips). If you don’t know where to start, look no further as we have ideas aplenty.Gingerbread Ale:The base of t…