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The Pursuit Supply Company


The Pursuit Supply Company offers classes for your DIY life. Please see the list below to see what we offer. Also, if you have a class idea or want to teach let us know and maybe we can make it happen.  All classes are about 1-2 hours in duration except for beer brewing that can go to 3 plus hours. We are a small shop and employ a conversational teaching style.  No note taking necessary! All classes are informal and relaxed.

  • Beer brewing
  • Wine making
  • Film development
  • Introduction to film cameras
  • Coffee roasting
  • Fermenting and pickiling foods
  • Composting

Our class signups are all on our Dabble page.  If you would like more information please contact us at 312.985.6652 or  You may also subscribe to our newsletter to learn of upcoming classes.


Currently we have the following classes scheduled.

Basic Black & White Film Developing

Fee: $25

Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 11am

Taught by Adam this class will give you a great introduction to developing your own B&W film.

Have you ever wanted to develop your own film? It's easy and you can do it almost anywhere! Feel the sense of satisfaction after developing your own film and seeing the images you created.

You will learn how to take an exposed roll of 35mm or 120mm film through the development process and end up with usable negatives. This includes putting your film on reels and using chemicals in the development process. We will also review best practices and how to mix your chemicals and make a space for you to develop in. 

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Coffee Roasting Basics

Fee: $30


Guided by shop owner Adam in this class you will learn the basics of coffee roasting. At the end of the session you will have the skills necessary to start roasting beans at home. We'll go through the process from green beans to roasted and ready to grind. We will sample beans at various roasts and learn the signs to identify what stage your beans are in. You'll learn about the process and what is 1st and 2nd crack and what to expect in the roasting process. We'll guide you in using your visual, auditory, and olfactory senses to monitor the progress of your coffee roast. Plus we will also go over basic safety and proper roasting procedures. Lastly, you will walk out with coffee you actually roasted yourself. 

Sign up here!

Intro to Beer Brewing

Fee: $30


Our intro to beer brewing class is taught by an experienced home brewer Barry Smith, who has been a dedicated homebrewer for the last 8 years.

This introduction to homebrewing class is a hands on experience focused on providing you with the essential information needed to get started with homebrewing. We will provide all of the essentials to learn how to brew high quality beer. During this class we will be talking about the essential steps to brew beer, talk a little bit about the history of beer, and most importantly we will brew beer. Come thirsty and curious!  

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